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MindRec Update!

SGZ has been released - based on the old SoundGen utility, SoundGenZ (SGZ) was rebuilt from the ground up and allows you to create chiptunes using the PCE. Free download, complete with a manual and tutorial.

Several other new PCE efforts are in development and will be revealed/annoinced throughout 2021. Stay tuned.

The abridged History of MindRec.

MindRec was born in 1997, shortly after it was announced that .rec was going to become a new Top Level Domain. The idea was that Mind.rec would be a site that blurred the line between recreation for the mind (games and music) and the obvious pun of a wrecked mind. The name was kept private to dissuade any potential cybersquatters from trying to get the mind.rec domain first.

In 1998, ICANN officially abandonded the .rec TLD, Mind.rec became MindRec, and ultimately the online entity of MindRec.com. The Domain was register in late 1998, and the initial online offerings were minimal.

In 1999 MindRec released a series of audio files. Although they were not "an album" of songs by any means, some of them did eventually show up on later MindRec gaming efforts.

After the audio file were released, MindRec focused its energies on development for the PCEngine system. In order to help fund this development, small development projects (mainly web based) were accepted.

Between 2000 and 2002, MindRec release a fair number of PCE demos (Orbit, Crash, and lots of unnamed ones). Most of these are either available for download from the MindRec.com site, or of such little interest that they have long been forgotten

In 2002, with the pending release of Implode (see below), the MindRec name is officially registered with the US Trademark office.

In late 2002, MindRec releases Implode -- the first new SCD for the PCEngine and TurboDuo systems in over 5 years. This would end up being the last PCE game that was ever pressed.

Two years later in 2004, the next PCE Game from MindRec: Meteor Blaster DX is released. Due to changes in the CD Mastering software, getting the CD officially pressed was not an option, so all copies were released on printed CD-Rs.

2006: A special version of Meteor Blaster (the Signature Edition) is released. With these units, the final stock of MB is sold to the public

What is next? Plenty more. Keep watching here for details. ...

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