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MindRec Update!

SGZ has been released - based on the old SoundGen utility, SoundGenZ (SGZ) was rebuilt from the ground up and allows you to create chiptunes using the PCE. Free download, complete with a manual and tutorial.

Several other new PCE efforts are in development and will be revealed/annoinced throughout 2021. Stay tuned.

SoundGen is a new application that allows budding programmers to add sound effects to their HuC projects. By using SoundGen you can create, test and modify sounds, and then using the included SND library use them in your game or demo.

screenshot for SoundGen You control all 6 sound channels, as well as the overall delay (per tone) to get the exact sound effect that you are looking for.

You can download SoundGen by going here.

You can contact the author of SoundGen by sending email to Bt Garner

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